Detached House Garden

Published Friday, July 10th, 2020
Categories: Garden Design for Different Types of House

Detached House Garden

Having an outdoor space that surrounds your home is a real privilege and a fantastic opportunity to enhance both your life and that of every other life that visits it. The sky’s the limit when it comes to making your garden a great place for relaxation, contemplation, nature, play, and even growing your own food. What could be better than knowing that your garden is contributing to the ecological, psychological, and physical wellbeing of you, your family, and your planet?

However, just because you have an expanse of space around your house, that doesn’t necessarily mean all is well. Too many people settle for what’s been described as a ‘green desert’. In other words, a large area of lawn, with next to no biodiversity. Think of a palm oil or soy plantation replacing an area of rainforest, with all the species loss involved… you get the idea.

It’s worth remembering that our attachment to lawns has historical roots, going back to days of yore when it was a status symbol that only the rich and powerful could afford because of the maintenance costs involved. Then came the lawn mower and suddenly everyone was in the game, competing for the perfect turf. Even now people cling to the outdated notion that great big lawns are somehow to our benefit. The truth is they’re a bore, a chore, and, more often than not, an eyesore.

Now, I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t have lawns – far from it! Lawns have their value. But if you have the space, why not break up the monotony with other features?

So what’s the alternative? Well, keep some of that lovely grass, but add oases of biodiversity, in which multiple species of flora and fauna can thrive. Through our inspirational design, we will help you split your garden into zones without losing sight of the whole. In fact, we can enhance the sense of space and abundance, creating wild corners where nature thrives, miniature woodlands where kids can play and build dens, and functional areas that don’t intrude on the overall ambiance. Settings for stunning outdoor dining, sun traps, and spaces where the tinkle or stillness of water creates calm, tranquility, and peace…

Think of it as outdoor feng shui. For instance, if you are lucky enough to have a view of the countryside, we will help you frame that view. Or if your garden needs a focal point, we can pinpoint exactly how and where to position it for optimal effect. Or how about the perfect spot for a wild corner, with log piles, bug hotels, and even a hedgehog house? From the trees we plant to the hard landscaping we build; we always work with nature to ensure your garden does as much good as possible. You see, gardens, like rooms, are functional spaces, but that shouldn’t stop them having sustainable style and fulfilling a larger purpose.


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