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A Little Bit of Background

Cedar Hollow

Cedar Hollow

Hello! I’m Sean Scatchard, Sustainability Correspondent at Gardens for Good. It’s my job to communicate everything we’re doing to live ...
Importance of great garden design remote working

Want to sell a home? Make the garden look nice

In July 2020, the BBC featured an article about the benefits of improving the garden when selling your home. This ...
landscaping oxfordshire

Front Garden

Your front garden could well be your very best option for improving the overall appearance of your home; that vital ...
another twist garden

New Build Garden

So you’ve bought a brand-new house – firstly, congratulations! There’s something truly special about being the first through the door, ...
Gardens for Good Summer Newsletter 2020

Gardens for Good Summer Newsletter 2020

Well, 2020 hasn’t been particularly normal to say the least, for reasons that we are all well aware of. However ...
The Lockdown Garden

The Lockdown Garden

We wanted to share some thoughts we had on what we are calling - The Lockdown Garden; On the 24th ...
Multi Level Garden

Multi Level Garden

If your garden is on a slope, you essentially have a whole extra dimension to play with. The opportunity for ...
Garden design for detached houses

Detached House Garden

Having an outdoor space that surrounds your home is a real privilege and a fantastic opportunity to enhance both your ...
Town House Garden

Town House Garden

Living in a town or city means your garden has the potential to be a very special place. It could ...

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