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The Gardens for Good Team


A little bit about Gardens for Good...

We’re here to help you transform your outside space into a place of innovative, sustainable beauty that ticks the boxes for your preferences, requirements and allocated budget.

We’re not ‘elitist’ with our projects, we simply want to connect with people who recognise the value of their outside space, see the potential of how good it could be and need expert help to bring it to life.

When you engage with our services you’ll experience a simple and efficient process that will push the boundaries of what you might think is possible for your garden.  Through this process we’ll eliminate the frustration, stress and overwhelm you can feel from living with a garden that is not serving your needs or your lifestyle.

The result? A finely crafted outdoor space that fulfils your every requirement, creating a space that recharges and re-energises you and your loved ones, enabling you to have more inspiration and fulfilment in everyday life.  All this while benefitting and nurturing the local environment and ecology because, of course, Gardens for Good really does mean gardens for good, in all senses of the word. 🌿

Take a look at our portfolio to see the type of projects we create with our clients… you’ll see what being Gardens for Good is all about!


A little more detail about what the Good in ‘Gardens for Good’ really means:

Good for You

Enhance your living space and relax in style with a garden designed and crafted to your exact requirements.

Good for Your Family and Friends

A beautiful yet practical outside space that’s perfect for sharing with the ones you love.

Good for Your Health

Designs that instil a sense of peace and relaxation, helping you to rest, unwind and recharge your energy.

Good for Your Investments

Enjoy the benefits of your estate while adding value to your home and making it more appealing to buyers if ever you come to sell.

Good for Nature

Create a haven for wildlife and positively contribute to your local biodiversity.  A network of sensitively designed gardens creates essential environments for nature to thrive and flourish.

Good for the Environment

Well designed gardens become ‘green pillars’ that support our local environment in so many ways.  Incorporating trees and plants that purify the air, remove chemicals and bacteria from water in the ground, as well as reducing food miles with home grown produce and even reducing noise pollution.

Good for the World

As well as working magic with places closest to you, we also spread the good vibes far and wide by contributing to various projects around the world including wildlife, environmental and humanitarian schemes to those most in need. For more information, please visit

Happy Customers

It saved me money in the build and also gave me the ability to appoint a landscaper of my choosing

I would imagine that many people see using a design consultant as an expensive luxury, however I firmly believe that it saved me money in the build and also gave me the ability to appoint a landscaper of my choosing to achieve the best value and service.  

Karen Hughes, Northamptonshire

“We are delighted with the design that you produced”

Our property was new and we simply had a grass lawn at the rear which was a blank canvas. We are delighted with the design that you produced and with the transformation of our garden.  We were impressed at your professional service and very grateful for your help with the planting scheme.

Paul & Val Lazarus, Oxfordshire

“We would give your company 10 out of 10.”

We looked at lots of companies and are pleased that we decided to choose Gardens for Good as the finished product is exactly what we had hoped for, we would give your company 10 out of 10. The overall effect feels like an oasis compared to what we had before. We’d absolutely recommend your services to family and friends.

Colin and Patricia Hull, Upton

“The during and after sales service was excellent, I felt extremely well looked after. “

The during and after sales service was excellent, I felt extremely well looked after.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Gardens for Good.

Helen Davis, Daventry

“The Gardens for Good team have been an absolute joy to work with.”

From the first ‘brainstorming’ meeting to the final sign off, the Gardens for Good team have been an absolute joy to work with: using a landscape architect was without doubt the best – landscaping – decision we have ever made!

David and Jo Bowen, Milton Keynes

“The final outcome is wonderful and is much admired and appreciated.”

Gardens for Good designed a new sensory garden for Abington Park. It was complicated to realise but throughout the process you showed patience, goodwill and understanding. For which many thanks. The final outcome is wonderful and is much admired and appreciated.

Anne Stevens, The Friends of Abington Park

“We would highly recommend Gardens for Good to all our friends and family.”

The project went smoothly from start to finish and the whole job was completed in a through, professional and friendly manner. We would highly recommend Gardens for Good to all our friends and family.

Mr Clarke, Boughton

“Very professional service and very pleased with the end result.”

“A very professional service, we’re so pleased with the end result. We couldn’t recommend Gardens for Good enough to friends and family.”

Mr & Mrs Hitchenor, Upton

“The whole area has been transformed!”

“We wanted a good-looking, low maintenance family outdoor living area and we are absolutely delighted with the results, the whole area has been transformed!”

Ian and Gwyneth Zant-Boer, Northamptonshire

All Part of the Service

attention to detail

Attention To Detail

Planning your garden with meticulous detail to ensure every aspect of it sparks joy.

good for environment

Passion For The Environment

Synergising garden spaces for both people and nature, helping us live in harmony with the natural world.

Long-Term Results

Gardens for Good is about longevity, meaning your garden will have a timeless designs that is built to last.

What type of garden do you have?

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