Multi Level Garden

Turning the slippery slopes into new hope

Published Friday, July 10th, 2020
Categories: Garden Design for Different Types of House

Multi Level Garden

If your garden is on a slope, you essentially have a whole extra dimension to play with. The opportunity for an exciting transformation is therefore very real.

In truth, multi-level gardens present not only amazing opportunities but also some challenges. If your garden is contoured, there’s a risk of having a swathe of lawn that not only resembles a green slipway for a ship, but also has limited functionality. Terracing can address both these issues, but the groundwork involved can be costly and, if done without due consideration, terraces can create their own aesthetic drawbacks, such as a lack of green outlook from the house. Pouring in tonnes of concrete also has a high carbon footprint.

However, all is not lost! Gardens for Good work creatively and sustainably within the scope of your budget, your needs, and the land itself. If terracing is the best solution, we aim to offset any potential negative environmental costs, either within the design itself – for instance by repurposing railway sleepers, with all their locked-in carbon – or through external carbon offsetting. Often, we find inventive alternatives to retaining walls that achieve the same ends at lower cost. Expertly positioned plantings, cascading water features, or well-proportioned rockeries can break up a slope to create effective zoning and tremendous variation.

Environmentally friendly schemes are at the heart of what we do, so that we can live up to our name. We encourage features such as rainwater harvesting systems and elements within the garden that attract and provide habitats for wildlife, like log piles for insects, wild areas, bug hotels, and even hedgehog gates and houses. But our real secret is our knack of integrating all of these, so that your garden still looks stunning.

We link different sections to create a natural flow, from patio areas for entertaining to open lawn for playing, from planted areas that provide colour throughout the seasons to productive and easy-to-manage vegetable patches, and from havens for nature to, most importantly of all, whatever it is you want from your garden.

Giving back to nature presents enormous personal benefits. According to Dr Jane Fossey, Associate Director of Psychological Services at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust,

“The benefits of being in a natural setting are becoming widely recognised”,

with ecotherapy now a mainstream discipline within medical circles. This simply reinforces what many of us feel instinctively, especially in the wake of the pandemic, when confined to our own homes during lockdown. In short, our wellbeing depends on our environment.

Think of your garden as the biggest and best room in your house, one where feng shui is paramount. For instance, a multi-level garden may well offer you a view of the countryside, so we can frame that view to optimal effect. Or if your garden needs a focal point, we can pinpoint exactly how and where to position it. From the trees we plant to the hard landscaping we build; we always work with nature to ensure your garden does as much good as possible. You see, gardens are more than functional spaces, they’re where we – and countless other species – live, breathe, and feel free.

Your garden, by virtue of its interesting contours, is a great opportunity to create a thriving, vibrant landscape. Gardens for Good ensure the look and feel of your garden is sympathetic to that of your house and the surrounding environment, whilst still following our passion for innovation. Our promise is to create a space that looks stunning, exceeds all your functional needs, and provides a crucial ecosystem for wildlife. Birdsong and butterflies, water features and winding paths, wide vistas and secluded corners… Your multi-level garden has enormous potential, so let us inspire you in sustainable style!

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