Town House Garden

The challenge of design for smaller spaces

Published Friday, July 10th, 2020
Categories: Garden Design for Different Types of House

Town House Garden

Living in a town or city means your garden has the potential to be a very special place. It could make a tangible difference to you, your family, and your local wildlife.

In 2007 humanity crossed a watershed: for the first time ever, more people lived in urban than rural areas. In truth, this had already been the case in the UK for many decades, but nonetheless it was a significant turning point. Cities and towns are set to remain our species’ main local habitat for the foreseeable future. So why not make them as tranquil and nature-friendly as possible?

Scientists place an ever-greater emphasis on the role of nature for promoting mental wellbeing. ‘Ecotherapy’ is now a mainstream branch of medicine. To quote one of many experts on the subject, Associate Director of Psychological Services at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, Dr Jane Fossey recently said:

The benefits of being in a natural setting are becoming widely recognised”.

This simply reinforces what many of us feel instinctively, especially in the wake of the pandemic, when confined to our own homes during lockdown.

So if you have a garden, you really owe it to yourself to create a haven from the hustle and bustle of the streets. And the great news is there are almost unlimited possibilities. At Gardens for Good, we guide your own imagination towards the creation of a garden that exceeds your needs and desires, helping you visualise the often surprising possibilities.

Your garden is your opportunity to give back to nature. We always ensure the look and feel of the garden is sympathetic to that of the house and the surrounding environment, but that doesn’t stop us innovating. Our promise is to create a space that looks stunning, meets all your functional needs, and, crucially, provides an ecosystem for wildlife. Birdsong and butterflies, water features and wildflowers, hedgehogs and frogs… townhouse gardens can have all of these. We owe it to nature to help it thrive again, especially in urban areas, and that is exactly what our award-winning designs achieve.

It’s all about the features we build in and the species we plant. For instance, specimen trees may sound nice, but they must be the right species for the local conditions in order to work with nature. Willow, rowan, crab apple, prunus, field maple, hornbeam… They all have their place, and we can advise on what will work best for your area, as well as whether they would be best pleached or left to do their own thing. Another crucial consideration is the proportion of hard vs soft landscaping. When space is limited, getting this wrong can mean either a shortage of functional space or, worse still, a barrenness which defeats the object of having a garden in the first place. The geometry, scale, and positioning of each feature can make or break a garden. We are masters at perfecting this art.

We use space imaginatively to ensure style and function come together seamlessly. We recognise that urban gardens need to be useful, multi-purpose places, so we love designing in features such as raised beds with built-in seating, or benches that double as useful storage for your garden essentials. And we create zones for different functions, using a carefully considered balance of plantings and structures to offer screening and seclusion, whilst also bearing in mind lines of sight, so that the entire garden becomes one harmonious whole. From water features to vertically planted garden walls, our approach affords you spaces to work and play, spaces to dine and unwind, and spaces that simply gladden your heart.

Gardens in urban settings can provide enormous benefits, so let us unleash the potential in yours!


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