Want to sell a home? Make the garden look nice

Our thoughts on increasing the value of your garden

Published Friday, April 2nd, 2021
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Want to sell a home? Make the garden look nice

In July 2020, the BBC featured an article about the benefits of improving the garden when selling your home.

This is due to the coronavirus enabling many more people to work from home, remotely. Couples and families want more space to make both their working environment and free time garden space more appealing. If you’re a homeowner looking to sell, you’ll be pleased to hear access to a bigger garden was ranked top of the priorities in Rightmove search results for buyers in May.

In the article “Estate agent Savills, which deals with high-end property, has noted higher interest in countryside living.

Now the Rightmove research for the BBC, based on the website’s data and a survey of 4,000 potential movers, has suggested 49% of renters and 39% of buyers have changed what they are looking for as a response to living in lockdown.

Among buyers, four and six bedroom houses have become more sought-after.”

What does a good garden mean for you as a selling homeowner?

Naturally, making the garden generally tidy, hedges trimmed and fences repaired will be a good start. But investing a little in some garden design and redevelopment can add thousands to your property sale value.

Depending on the type of property you have, will alter our recommendations:

  • Here are our tips for a front garden tidy up.
  • If your garden is multi-level, we wrote our thoughts on making your multi-level garden design work for your home.
  • When you’re selling a detached house, a garden offers scope for plenty of design as you typically have more space
  • For town house owners, we’ve thought of the challenge of smaller spaces

If you’re staying in your current home, you might enjoy our lockdown garden article.

As we head into Summer, there are plenty of months ahead to refresh your garden space, whether it’s for increasing the value of your property for sale, or making a garden for good that helps you love your garden more for yourselves – for homeworking gardens, design ideas for entertaining friends in your garden or growing garden ideas for plants, vegetables, fruits and attracting wildlife.


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